Queen's Reject Toilet Rolls Embraced by Croydon School

By Gary Cutlack on at

A batch of German toilet roll rejected by the Queen – or the Queen's official toilet roll softness tester at least – has found a welcoming home in the cubicles of a school.

It was the result of a stunt gone wrong, in which German tissue manufacturer Hakle decided it would be a laugh to send the Queen a pallet load of its most luxurious toilet paper in case the UK suffers national shortages should some from of hard, non-quilted Brexit lumber across the finishing line next week, and leave the shop shelves looted of life's essentials.

Obviously you can't just send pallet loads of any old crap to the Queen and offload it outside Buckingham Palace and expect a thank you letter and an honorary knighthood, as royal household staff refused the delivery on security grounds. It is the Queen's bottom, after all.

Hence the German loo roll has been dumped off to Woodcote High School, which now has more than 1,000 very nice four-ply toilet rolls. No one tell the local council or it'll have its budgets slashed accordingly. [Local Guardian]

Image credit: Woodcote High School