Quorn Joins the Beetroot Blood Burger Trend

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people at Quorn, who must be a bit pissed off that meat alternatives are so popular now when they've been doing them for ages, is launching a newer, fatter, bloodier* burger for all the new vegans we have nowadays.

It's the Quorn Ultimate Burger and it is made with "succulent" beetroot juice for blood as is the way with this new wave of bleeding vegan products, to add a bit of pinkness and lubrication to each guilt-free, plant-based, quarter pounder scale mouthful. Tesco is getting it first, with an April 15 launch date; and it'll follow in the other supermarkets later in the summer, in time for everyone's thoroughly modern vegan barbecues, and it won't even matter if it's still a bit frozen on the inside still as you can think of it as a big fungal lollipop.

Alex Glen from Quorn Foods said something potentially funny about meat-free penetration: "We are now seeing the majority of the UK reducing their meat intake. With this launch, we believe we can drive penetration of the meat free category, by appealing to meat reducers, vegetarians and vegans alike with an innovative product that truly delivers on key attributes of taste, texture and appearance." [Talking Retail]