Relish is Rebranding to Three Broadband

By Holly Brockwell on at

Relish -- the company that offers plug-and-play WiFi in central London, Reading, and er, Swindon -- has announced it'll be rebranding to Three Broadband after it was bought by the company in 2017.

Technically known as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), Relish specialises in same-day or next-day delivery of cellular WiFi that can be paid for monthly and used immediately. In other words, once you've got the router, you just plug it into a power socket and you're online straight away, without needing to get anything installed or wait for it to start working. You don't need a landline either.

It was a freakin' godsend when I lived in a flatshare with someone who bought 2 meg broadband and refused to change it, let me tell you.

We reckon Relish would be massively popular if it wasn't so limited -- there are only a few hundred places in the UK that can use it, mostly in central London. Nonetheless, it has 20,000 customers.

Three acquired UK Broadband, Relish's dully-named parent company, because they wanted more of the 3.4GHz spectrum and to make a move on the FWA market before 5G comes in. Three says it'll be able to deliver up to 100 meg on 5G FWA, which means a lot of people wouldn't need to have a fixed line installed anymore.

EE is apparently also planning 5G FWA services, but we'll have to wait for 5G first. [Techradar]

Main image: Relish