Rural Pubs Given Cash to Diversify into Post Offices, Shops and Soft Play Parks

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bit of government money is going into trying so save local pubs under the brand "Pub is The Hub," which is encouraging rural pubs to think about diversifying away from the teetering model that is selling pints of Guinness to men who drink too slowly for it to be sustainable.

A total 2019 kitty of £188,000 is to be divided up among applicants, and all sorts of ideas are on the wonky table -- from helping to establish in-pub Post Office branches to setting up soft play areas and ball pits for the kids of errant dads to amuse themselves in while he tries to sober up enough to drive home. Hence rural pubs may soon have local libraries or small grocery concessions inside them too, as official money hits rural communities in an effort to stop all the nice old pubs from closing when the latest landlord reaches breaking point.

Community Pubs Minister (!) Jake Berry said: "Pubs are not only places to drink but also home to essential community services and providing welcome meeting places to help tackle rural isolation." [Pub is The Hub via GOV]