Samsung's Next Foldable Phone Looks Like This, Suggests Patent

By Holly Brockwell on at

We haven't even got Samsung's first foldable phone yet, but tech doesn't stand still even for a second, so we're already looking at the potential next design on the company's list of foldables.

We knew Samsung would have several foldables on the way, including one that folded outwards like Huawei's Mate X and Xiaomi's Mi Fold, and a new patent spotted by LetsGoDigital shows exactly that.

Let'sGoDigital's renders are a little clearer than the sparse patent drawings:

The patent is a bit lacking in detail in terms of what the phone (or "electronic device" as it's officially called) would offer, because that kind of information is unfortunately only useful for nerdy speculation rather than the actual patent they wanted to file.

This means we only really see how the screen would look and work – there's no charging port and no cameras. It could of course be a surprise return for the zero-port phone, but we doubt it.

Of course, tech companies file patents all the time, so there's no telling whether this will ever become something we can buy. Still, it goes to show Samsung is working hard on conquering the foldable market, alongside – apparently – just about everyone but Apple. [Techradar]

All images courtesy of LetsGoDigital