The Army's "Snowflake" Ads Seemed to Work

By Gary Cutlack on at

A series of ads for joining the British Army caused quite the internet outrage for half a day or so earlier this year, as they sort of joined in with the trend for mocking today's blamed-for-everything millennials, calling the kids snowflakes, "me me me" millennials and phone zombies, as part of an effort to say "Ah! But that's exactly what we need!" and get youths to join the army.

Well it only went and worked, dinnit? The company handling the creative says views to the Army's recruitment portal doubled year-on-year thanks to the ads, as slighted millennials decided to show them who's a snowflake and committed themselves to careers in the Army at higher levels than have been seen in years. That's one way to get them off YouTube.

After the ads hit in January, around 16,000 potential recruits signed up to do very exciting things with trucks, guns or maybe just potato peelers that month, a fact that creative agency Karmarama, which made the controversial ads, is well chuffed about.

Karmarama's Matthew Waksman told The Drum: "We've had a lot of backlash from certain audiences, but on the day those posters went live we had the highest number of registrations that there had been in the past 12 months. We could go on and on about that. However, at the very basic level, what we put across is that the army is a very progressive organisation where someone like you will fit in if that’s the career that you want." [The Drum]