The First Wave of Lego Steamboat Willie Boxes Have a Misprint

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earlier this week Lego announced that it was releasing its brickified version of Steamboat Willie on 1st April, for the slightly hefty price of £80. It's suspiciously fast for a Lego Ideas set that was only announced last month, and that might explain why there's a mistake on the box art.

Some people may have noticed that sets coming from Lego Ideas are numbered. Not individually numbered, mind, but numbered to show they're the Xth set to be released in the range of fan creations. In Steamboat Willie's case it's the 25th, but the box artwork released so far actually says #24.

Number 24 is, of course, the recently released Flintstones set, and that means someone at Lego cocked up.

Image: Kim Snaith/Gizmodo UK

Lego Ideas has admitted to the goof, though, and has promised future runs of the set will feature the correct numbering.

Due to our excitement to get the Steamboat Willie set into the hands of LEGO fans around the world as quick as possible, an error was made on the packaging relating to the sequential set number. It was mistakenly printed as #24 and it should have been #25.

This will be corrected in future sets.

That does mean some of the sets that go on sale on 1st April will feature the mistake. This will no doubt turn the initial run into something of a collector's item, which resellers trying to make some extra pocket money will no doubt take advantage of. Considering how much they can ask for on sites like eBay you can be sure some of them will be buying these with the express goal of selling them off to people who enjoy weird things like misprinted cardboard. [Brick Fanatics]