The Masses Finally Appreciate Modern Art

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Tate Modern has become the UK's most popular day-out attraction, beating the British Museum for the first time. It'll be all them Banksys popping up all over the place, innit?

A staggering 5.9 million people visited the Tate Modern in 2018, with the free-to-enter modern art gallery and its often bonkers Turbine Hall large scale installation side wing beating the 5.8m who looked at the looted/borrowed old world treasures of the British Museum. Maybe word's got out that you can see the neighbours shagging if you get there at the right time of day?

Very nearly literally everything people went to en masse was in London, with the list having to be scrolled all the way down to #23 to see the first non-capital entrant in the popular attraction countdown; Liverpool's World Museum, which rocketed up the rankings this year thanks to bagging an exclusive UK stopover of a touring gang of terracotta warriors. [ALVA via BBC]