The Samsung Galaxy Fold Will be an EE-Network Exclusive, Pre-orders Open 26th April

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year we revealed a bunch of information about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and much of it turned out to be accurate. The one thing we didn't have any confirmation on so far was regarding the phone's availability. Well now it's just been confirmed that EE will be the only UK network to stock the Galaxy Fold. If you don't want it from them, you'll have to buy it directly from Samsung - either in-store or online.

Pre-registration for the phone is open right now, but proper pre-orders open up on 26th April ready for the 3rd May release Samsung promised us late last month. Details on pricing for EE's contracts haven't been announced, but Samsung has confirmed that it'll cost £1,800 if you buy a SIM free device. Naturally getting it on a contract means you'll pay more than that, but at least you get to split the cost. All versions of the phone come with a protective case and a set of Galaxy Buds.

No doubt we'll get all the contract details tomorrow morning, though. You can pre-register with EE here, and pre-register with Samsung here. Both links will switch to the pre-order page tomorrow, and expect there to be a lot of interest that might break things.

The original version of this article got the month of pre-orders wrong. We apologise for that stupid mistake.