Three PAYG Customers Now Get Loyalty Rewards

By Holly Brockwell on at

Why should the contract customers get all the goodies? That's something people on Pay As You Go have always wondered, and finally it seems there's some justice -- at least for customers of the Three network.

Three has just launched the inventively-named Pay As You Go Rewards, which will include free digital subscriptions and vouchers.

The scheme uses Wuntu, the same rewards app as contract (Pay Monthly, in network parlance) customers get. It's clever 'cause Wuntu Three, get it?

The way it'll work for PAYG people is that you'll get points for every topup, and the more points you have, the fancier a reward you get.

Here's how you earn your points:

And here's what you can get:

Honestly if you're spending £500 on Pay As You Go topups, you should probably re-evaluate.

Buying an unlimited add-on gives you a month's digital subscription automatically. Pocket Lint reports that the subscriptions include services like Hayu, Deliveroo, Tinder, Headspace and Xbox.

Want in? Find out more and sign up here.