The Cool Youngsters of TikTok Love Mr Bean

By Holly Brockwell on at

We usually feel a bit "old man yells at cloud" when we try to understand what's trending on TikTok, the youngest and coolest of the social platforms.

But not today! Because today, surprisingly, it turns out they're all enjoying Mr Bean.

Mr Bean got his own official TikTok account back in January, and has quickly built a loyal following. This video of him doing his 'unique' dance moves got over a million views in 24 hours:

TikTok likes to set its users challenges, and tomorrow (23rd March) it's decided to capitalise on the love for Mr Bean by setting a hashtag challenge called #TheMrBean:

Together with Mr Bean, TikTok will launch a hashtag challenge, asking users to show their interpretation of the well-known Mr Bean dance moves. The challenge will go live on Saturday 23rd March in the UK with other countries across the world joining in including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Australia, Mexico and Indonesia.

Ooh, we hope someone from Mexico does a mariachi interpretation.

If you're on TikTok (we're pretty sure the Venn diagram of Giz UK readers and TikTok users is two entirely separate circles, but we're always willing to be surprised), get prepping your moves.

If not, well, join us in marvelling confusedly at modern social media.