Tim Cook's Changed His Name to Tim Apple on Twitter

By Holly Brockwell on at

Sitting next to Donald Trump while he spews his nonsense must be trying at the best of times, but doing so while he gets your name completely wrong in front of the world has got to make it hard to bite your tongue.

To Tim Cook's credit, he didn't say a word when Trump called him "Tim Apple." You can see the confusion cross his face, but he clearly thought better of correcting the President.

Now, though, Mr Apple's got his own back, by subtly changing his name to Tim Apple-Emoji on Twitter.

He did not include his middle name, which is Donald.

In true Apple style, though, Cook has used the Apple logo emoji which only displays properly on iOS devices:

Here's how it looks on Windows:

And Android:

Well, we laughed anyway, Tim Weird-Squiggly-Thing.