Twitter Made an In-App Camera to Compete with Snapchat and Instagram

By Holly Brockwell on at

Apparently Twitter thinks it's in competition with Instagram and Snapchat, because it's made its own in-app camera feature just like they have.

We could try explaining to Twitter that the reason a lot of us like it is specifically that it's not like Instagram and Snapchat, but in the one-up environment of Silicon Valley, we fear we'd be drowned out by the sounds of beer pong.

The new in-app camera sounds exactly like the one Facebook and Instagram added to be more like Snapchat: you swipe left from the main screen to access it, and your photo or video can be made more annoying with overlaid text, hashtags etc.

Oddly, you're not currently allowed to upload existing images to the new feature, so tough luck if you took a perfect sunset photo in your actual camera app and wanted to post it with #blessed. That used to be the case with Snapchat as well, and they eventually capitulated, so we expect Twitter will do the same before long.

Your image will show a caption underneath it, rather than above as Twitter usually does.

Remember when Twitter didn't even allow images and everyone had to use third-party services like TwitPic and YFrog to add pictures to their then-140 character messages? Ahh, memories.

Your humble servants at Giz UK haven't received the update on either Android or iOS yet, but it's already rolled out to some people, so it's only a matter of time. Give your app an update and see if you've got it yet, so you can experience InstaSnapTwitterBook and be one of the cool kids. [TechRadar]