Uri Geller Suggests Starting a Telepathic War on Brexit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Uri Geller has come up with an idea about how to get the right sort of Brexit everyone wants – thinking really hard about it and bombarding Theresa May with telepathic messages. Apparently this works?

Geller says we should all think really hard about the soft or hard or totally cancelled Brexits of our dreams twice a day at the same time, then, he reckons, the winning thoughts will somehow enter the barricaded mind of the prime minister and perhaps affect her decision making processes.

The self-declared psychic explained: "I urge and plea with the people to think -- even if it's for a few seconds – at 11.11am and 11.11pm, to send Theresa May that message to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. Energy can be transmitted, energy can be received and the collective energy of people who want to achieve something is massive."

Get her to sign off on a few more bank holidays while you're in her desolate mind, too. [Reuters]

Image credit: Unsplash