A Third of Us Would Rather Vote for AI Than Politicians

By Holly Brockwell on at

31% of us are either partly or totally in favour of letting algorithms take over from the useless meat sacks that make up our current ruling class, says a new survey.

2,500 Europeans were polled by Spain's slightly 1984-sounding Centre for the Governance of Change, and a lot of them were pretty OK with putting AI in power.

In fact, despite all the faffing going on here in Brexitland, citizens of the Netherlands were even more on board with handing power to machine learning than we were: 43 per cent of survey respondents over in paradise said they wanted AI to have a say in big decisions.

Conversely, the same survey showed that 70 per cent of us think technology is going to cause more harm than good over the next decade. Respondents didn't explicitly say that 69 per cent of this was Facebook, but we're going to assume that's what they meant.

This isn't the first time putting artificial intelligence in place of total-absence-of-intelligence human politicians has been mooted. Subversive anonymous artist FokaWolf has been putting up signs around Westminster encouraging people to vote for DEMOCROBOT, an AI-run political party that promises a stable living wage and won't piss your taxes away on fancy duck houses.

FokaWolf tells Gizmodo UK:

"I think we should just leave it to the robots. They work off big data, they can't be corrupted by money or shamed by the press.

And yes, I know there's a chance they could rise up and kill us but that's got to be better than the bumbling doofuses that are running things at the moment."

Hear, hear. DEMOCROBOT for PM.

All images courtesy of FokaWolf