Watching Robots Continuously Fold the Galaxy Fold is Pretty Mesmerising

By Tom Pritchard on at

Samsung likes to make a big deal about its phone testing, especially after the explosive Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle. It even employed a robot arse back in the day, just to see the effect an arse might have on its phones. Now it's released a video of the Galaxy Fold's folding mechanism being stress tested, and it's a pretty mesmerising site.

Here's a looping GIF for you to enjoy as well:

Officially nobody has been able to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold to test the folding mechanism for themselves, though some have made their way into the world to show off a pretty big crease. But Samsung has maintained that the phone will survive 200,000 folds before breaking, which amounts to 100 folds a day for five years.

But considering we have less than six weeks until the phone is released, it shouldn't be long before real people have the phone. Real people who will no doubt put this phone through some torture Samsung isn't willing to show off in a fancy promotional video, and given how clumsy people can be I'd wager a lot of it won't be intentional.

The Galaxy Fold arrives on 3rd May, exclusive to Samsung and EE, for the hefty price of £1,800. [TechCrunch]