Yep Apple has a Gaming Subscription Service Too, Called Apple Arcade

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google has one, Microsoft is making one, and there are countless others presumably on the way. Now Apple has a gaming subscription service of its own, for desktops, mobiles, and the living room, called Apple Arcade.

Apple has teamed up with a number of developers to help design and curate games for the service, including some the developers claim wouldn't exist without Arcade the service. I have a hard time believing that, but ok.

Over 100 games will be available as part of the subscription, and Apple claims they're all exclusive to this service - which is fucking shit. Though we seem to recognise some titles that are coming elsewhere, which places doubt on that claim.

Like News, they're curated by real people and you can share with your family without having to pay extra.

But as expected Arcade is an unlimited service, with no extra costs per game (and no in-app purchases or ads), and it won't be streaming. Play is all offline, but sadly it only works on Apple devices. Apple only mentioned iOS, Mac, and Apple TV, which means you probably won't be playing these on a PC anytime soon.

It arrives this Autumn in over 150 countries, but Apple won't tell us any pricing. Maybe we'll hear more at WWDC?