You Don't Need TalkTalk to Get Plume's Mesh Networking Kit in the UK Anymore

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in February Plume announced it was bringing its mesh networking kit to the UK, though it would only be available if you went through TalkTalk and had an invitation. That's a silly system, really, so it's a good thing that plan wasn't meant to last. You can actually go out and buy Plume's kit without having to switch internet providers.

As with any good Mesh network, Plume is designed to offer a seamless WiFi system beyond that from range extenders. Range extenders force you to disconnect from one part of the network before connecting to the other, while Mesh systems do all that automatically, which is pretty great. Plume takes it a step further by adjusting the WiFi in your home based on your personal usage, while also using AI to detect anomalous behaviour in devices and quarantining them if they've been compromised.

The UK launch also coincides with the launch of the Plume PowerPod. Unlike the main Superpod, which features tri-band signals and two ethernet ports, the PowerPod only has dual-band Wifi and are naturally less powerful as a result. But they're cheaper, and that means Plume's hardware is just £99 for one Superpod and two PowerPods. The company says this is better suited for a one to two bedroom home, while anything bigger would require the three SuperPod pack that costs £199. Both Pods plug directly into the plug socket, so you don't need to content with wires.

Plume being Plume, you also need to pay a £99-a year subscription fee regardless of which hardware combination you decide to buy. That subscription not only ensures your warranty is renewed every 12 months, it also offers customers 'HomePass' which lets you add guests to your home network more securely alongside robust parental controls. It also includes the AI security and adaptive WiFi functionality, all of which will stop working should you let your subscription lapse. Thankfully the Mesh network, and necessary firmware updates, aren't reliant on the subscription being active.

You can head over to Plume's website to get your order in, though the Pods won't be shipping out until 15th April.