You'll Be Able to Use an Xbox Adaptive Controller With Google Stadia

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Earlier this week, Google revealed Stadia, a platform which aims to allow game streaming on any device with a Chrome browser. A lot of the presentation focused on the speed of games booting up, or the convenience of playing with any controller on any device, but in among the big reveals was a small but vitally important announcement about controllers.

Confirmed in a tweet by Bryce Johnson, inclusive lead at Microsoft, Google Stadia will support the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a mass produced modular controller aimed at making gaming more accessible to a wider variety of gamers. It supports both Microsoft developed buttons, controllers, and pedals, as well as third party options.

It is unclear at this time if Stadia will support the Adaptive Controller from day one, but the fact support has been announced this far ahead of release suggests that we likely will see day one availability. While Stadia platforms that support the Adaptive Controller have not been confirmed, it is highly likely that the controller will only work with Stavia on a PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet that supports USB inputs. You're unlikely to be able to hook it up to your Chromecast.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller really is a game changer. It's nice that something as important as accessibility isn't being held back as an exclusive to any one platform.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku UK.