YouTube Brings Premium Discounts for Students to the UK, Fellow Kids

By CJ Wheeler on at

Students on the tea-drinking side of the Atlantic can now benefit from reduced subscription costs to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. The former includes ad-free and offline access to YouTube Originals, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids for those of you still in your pyjamas at lunchtime.

Google updated its eligibility listings for YouTube Student Membership this week to include the UK alongside Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. The scheme has been available to students in the US since November. The lower pricing means students shave a fiver off both types of membership, taking YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) down to £6.99 per month and YouTube Music Premium to £4.99 per month. Music Premium is included with YouTube Premium. Totally tubular, chill, peng or whatever.

To land yourself a reduced membership to either YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, you must be "enrolled as a student at a higher education institution in a location where YouTube student memberships are offered". Both the institution and student must be registered with SheerID for digital verification. It sounds like some sixth-formers might be able to access the lower subcription fee too, as YouTube specifies it's applicable to students at "post-secondary" institutions.

If you're already registered for YouTube Premium then you'll need to cancel and resubscribe to get the lower price. Students need to resubcribe each year and can receive the reduced charge for up to four years. [Android Police, YouTube]

Featured image: YouTube