350kW-Ready EV Charge Point Opens Today for the Zero Compatible Cars

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who own electric cars in the future – and have come back in time for a holiday to see if the year 2019 was as shit as the textbooks say – have somewhere new to charge up today, with the first of the next-generation of 350kW really-quite-very-ultra-super-fast chargers now online for use in the UK.

That 350kW headline charge level is unlikely to be hit by anyone any time soon as cars that charge at that level do not exist outside of CG concept car land yet; although the handful of EVs that can accept a charge at the more modest maximum level of 175kW via a CCS cable may now enjoy hitting their 80 per cent full limits in barely enough time to get a coffee and make a mess of the nearest toilet cubicle. The EU-spec Model 3 currently has the fastest charging capacity out there and the CCS socket needed to get the top rate, with the new Audi e-tron maxing out at 150kW.

This charging station on West Wear Street in Sunderland has been supplied and installed by Fastned, supplies entirely renewable electricity to all EVs, and is currently set to free dispense mode to get everyone in and teach all the local EV enthusiasts where it is. [Fastned]