Here's How Much the 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Cost

By Holly Brockwell on at

It's barely a blink of an eye since the Samsung Galaxy S10 launched, but already the company has a new announcement: the price and release date of the 5G version of the phone.

As we predicted, it is indeed 'a powerhouse that will wreck your wallet.'

The S10 5G will go on sale in Samsung's home country of South Korea first, which makes sense because they'll have 5G a fair while before we do. It'll cost about £950 for 256GB and £1,050 for 512GB (in South Korean Won, at least -- it might not cost the same here), and be released on the 5th of April.

That's this week. Holy moly.

The regular S10 costs from £799 and the Plus is from £899 in the UK, both for 128GB, so we suspect the price in pounds will actually be a fair bit higher than the direct conversion from KRW.

Samsung is clearly considering the device a flagship of flagships, naming the colours it comes in 'Majestic Black,' 'Crown Silver' and 'Royal Gold' (although we'd rather have a gold crown than silver, it has to be said).

We don't yet have the UK release date for the S10 5G, but since the Korean date coincides with the launch of the country's first 5G network, it seems likely we'll get it when our own phone networks activate their 5G services.

To that end, we're expecting 5G in limited places this year, although apparently a lot of us would quite happily pay for it right now. We've just got to sort out the whole Huawei thing first.

OnePlus says its 5G phone is coming out in May, so it sounds like they may well beat Samsung to the early-adopter trophy -- at least in this country. [Techradar]