6,000 High Street Shops Closed in 2018

By Gary Cutlack on at

Data from the UK high street is still quite bleak, you will be amazed to hear, as research shows that 5,833 individual shops closed for business during 2018, with just 3,372 opening to take their place. That's a net loss of 2,481 places to go and get financial advice or sausage rolls from.

Bank branches, low-cost retailers and independent fashion chains contributed the most to the year's blank spaces opening up on the UK's top 500 busiest high streets, with the report from PWC noting that 2018 saw things actually get worse thanks to an "acceleration in footfall decline" that saw an already bleak collection of UK high streets visited by fewer people year-on-year.

But it is not all bad news out there; vape shops are on the rise. The UK of 2030 will not be short of places for men with beards to buy cinnamon puff from. [PWC via Guardian]