A 12p Discount on Lego's Giant Hogwarts Castle is the Real Unsung Hero of Amazon's Spring Sale [Updated: Now 22p!]

By Tom Pritchard on at

As any good Lego buyer will know, those danish plastic bricks are not cheap. Certainly not for the elaborately grand sets that can take several days to put together. Add in the popular licensed franchises and you can be dropping a few hundred points on a box of building blocks. Fans generally don't mind, but we're always on the lookout for a bargain, and we just spotted one that makes one of Lego's most expensive sets so much more appealing.

I'm talking about the giant-sized Hogwarts Castle, complete with 6,020 pieces. Normally that set would cost you £349.99, which is a lot, but thanks to the magic that is the Amazon Spring Sale it's had a discount. It now costs £349.87. A difference of 12 whole pence, and those 12 pence make all the difference. Knock off 12p and suddenly the big-ass Lego castle is an absolute steal. An impulse purchase, even, because you'd never buy it on a whim if it were full price.

Your wife/husband/partner/significant other/parents might try and give you an earful for buying such an elaborate and seemingly expensive purchase. That's practically half a month's rent on your London broom cupboard, after all. But reveal that it was actually discounted – and by 12p to boot – and all will be forgiven. Unless they're some sort of Scrooge who can't recognise a great bargain when they see it. Especially since you don't have to wait and see if it gets discounted on Black Friday, giving you seven and a half months of extra joy.

It turns out you can put a price on that sort of thing. 12p.

Update: It's now £349.85 - a whole 14p cheaper than RRP. That's two entire pence less than it was ten minutes ago. We just can't keep up with the rate of these insane discounts.

Update #2: Folks, I hope you're sitting down for this one. You thought a 12p discount was a steal, then 14p was just the cherry on top. But now, Amazon is practically giving this thing away.  We've just checked again, and there's a 22p discount. You read that right: twenty two pence. We've done the maths and that's a saving of 0.06 per cent. Be quick if you want one because at that price we've got five of them in our basket.