Adjust Your Aston Martin Fantasies to Involve Coiling Charging Cables and Range Anxiety

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aston Martin is launching a full electric car, in the same vague sort of way that Aston makes any cars at all. It's only making 155 of the all-electric version of the Rapide E, and they've probably all been bagsied already by popstars and digital entrepreneurs. And even then it's some old body shape with new electric parts stuffed in and a 10-inch screen for a dash.

There's nothing amazingly high-end about the key EV components of the car either, as all buyers get here is a fairly decent for 2019 65kWh capacity battery, that Aston says should be good for a WLTP range of "over" 200 miles on a full charge – and it can hit a 100kW charging rate when on one of the faster jobs.

The Rapide E is rear-wheel drive, powered by twin motors and can theoretically do 155mph, although most models are likely to hit lifetime top speeds of around 4mph, when being shuttled gingerly from delivery van to the climate-controlled car collection warehouse of someone who got lucky with an app once or used to race cars as a job. [Aston Martin via Top Gear]