Airline Tortures Passengers With Six-Hour Plane Replacement Bus Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

Regional operator Flybe had a new and previously unimaginable horror to spring on its customers this weekend – an aeroplane replacement bus service.

Embarrassingly for the flier, this emergency land carrier option was needed to cover the first flight of its new Newquay-to-London route that launched this weekend, a line that's subsidised by the taxpayer so it's profitable to run. Flight BE2187 was abandoned after two hours of sitting on the tarmac waiting for technical issues to be fixed, with Flybe giving passengers the choice of being rebooked on a flight the next afternoon or boarding the Misery Bus overnight to London instead.

Most people opted for the bus, as they'd miss connections and nullify the reasons for flying to London on a Sunday evening in the first place by flying on Monday. Hence more angry tweets being aimed at Flybe than usual today. [Independent]