Airlines May Start Secretly Weighing Us All

By Gary Cutlack on at

A UK-based startup thinks it's happened upon a sly way of saving the airlines a bit of money on each flight, and is pitching the idea of quickly and unobtrusively weighing each passenger before they board their flights -- so the plane can be fuelled with precisely the right amount of flying petrol.

This would mean planes may be able to take off with less fuel than they do at the moment, resulting in them hauling slightly less weight and therefore burning a bit less as they sadly power off to the nearest airport to Magaluf again.

It's the idea of Fuel Matrix, which thinks people won't mind as long as their weight isn't displayed on massive numbers above the security desk and larger people aren't hauled out of their seats and booted off. Plus it could be sold as an environmentally sound ticketing option, as if all passengers have been dieting and did a poo before going through security the plane will fly marginally more efficiently and dump less engine waste into the sky.

The current system uses a generous average weight estimate of 88kg for men and 70kg for women, but Fuel Matrix thinks more accurate and live data is needed, and is currently talking to UK airports about ways weighing travellers could be done in a discreet, legally acceptable and speedy manner. [Traveller]