Aldi's Selling Savoury Hot Cross Bun Balls Made of Stuffing

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most people might associate weird food products with Christmas, but that's not always the case. It's a great way to drum up some publicity for the brand if a supermarket can come up with some weird seasonal food, and Aldi is probably one of the most accomplished of them all. Now, with Easter on the way, it's just started selling savoury stuffing balls that are supposed to taste like a hot cross bun.

The balls themselves are made of bramley apple sausage meat (made with real pork) plus dried fruit, cinnamon, and a dash of pepper. As you can see in the image above they also come with a little cross of pastry, because they're not hot cross buns without the cross. Plus the whole Jesus/Easter imagery thing that Daily Mail readers get up in arms about if people aren't constantly acknowledging it.

The hot cross balls go on sale this Sunday (14th April) and will cost £2.25 for a pack of six. It's not clear how long they will be in stock, but knowing Aldi (and the fact Easter is next week) they probably won't be on the shelves for very long. So get there quickly, lest you have to wait until next year when these things will likely make their second coming.