Algorithmic Lace Bra Wins Lexus Design Award Grand Prix

By Holly Brockwell on at

A confidence-boosting bra for women who've had mastectomy surgery has won the Grand Prix in the Lexus Design Award 2019.

Called 'Algorithmic Lace,' Lisa Marks' design beat 1,548 other entries from 65 countries around the world to the top prize in a ceremony in Milan.

Designer and technologist John Maeda was on the panel, and explains why the design impressed the judges:

"When we think of algorithms, we usually think of computers and the high-tech industry. But the textile industry is where algorithms were first deployed as means to realise new aesthetic choices in fabrics during the 19th century.

Lisa Marks’s Algorithmic Lace project not only feeds on that rich history, it goes even further back in time to incorporate a 16th century technique for weaving complex lace patterns. Marks uses this ancient process together with advanced three-dimensional modelling to hand-craft bespoke bras for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy surgery.

The result is a combination of function and beauty that positively impacts the survivor’s body aesthetic while also providing fully customised structural comfort."

The Lexus Design Award has been given out every year since 2013, and this year's competition was all about tech that can transform lives.

Marks comments:

"Lexus doesn’t have to do this (award), they could be a successful brand without it, but it shows their commitment to design and to a better world."

The prototype of the Algorithmic Lace bra will go on display at the Lexus Leading with Light exhibition until the 13th of April at Milan Design Week. Hopefully the concept will also go into production -- it's too good an idea to remain an idea.