Amazon's Practically Giving Away Xbox Game Pass, Offering Six Months for the Price of Three

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's quite nice being able to play as many games as you like without having to pay for them all individually, which is why the Xbox One's Game Pass is rather appealing. That said it's certainly not cheap, and even if you want to play the available games all the time you're bound to want to save yourself a few quid here and there. Buying subscriptions in bulk is one way to do it, rather than the recurring £8 a month fee, but that's still pricey.

The good news is Amazon has knocked 50 per cent off the total price, in a way. Once again it's offering six months of Game Pass access for £24, rather than the usual £47.50.

This offer has popped up in the past, and will no doubt pop up again in the future, but it's always nice to get another opportunity to top up your subscription. They all stack, after all, and there's little stopping you from redeeming two or three year's worth codes to keep yourself nicely topped up. Plus, at £48 a year that's cheaper than buying the latest triple-A titles.

Game Pass has a reasonable library, and lets you play all first party Xbox One titles on release day. The only real downside is that you don't get all the DLC as well, though Microsoft will give you a discount. Oh and you'll lose access if you stop paying for it, but that should be a given.

There's no mention on how long this will be available for, so make sure you get in there quickly - even if the Spring Sale is lasting until next week.