First-Gen Apple AirPods are a Bargain Right Now

By Holly Brockwell on at

Now that we have new AirPods, stock of existing AirPods has to be cleared to make space. That's just the pod-eat-pod world we live in, people.

As a result, some shops are cutting prices on their leftover first-gen AirPods, and if you don't mind not having the newest model, you can get a bit of a bargain if you're quick.

BT's deal is the best at the moment, taking £30 off the RRP (sorry if you were expecting bigger discounts, but this is an Apple product we're talking about)

The AirPods are supposed to retail at £159, so that means they're £129 until BT runs out of stock. Grab them here.

At the time of writing, there are more than 50 pairs of first-gen AirPods in stock, but we've no doubt they'll go quickly -- Apple products are rarely discounted, and a lot of people won't care about the differences between the first and second generation AirPods.

What differences, you ask? Well, the new AirPods have voice-activated Siri integration, extra talk time and a wireless charging case that itself charges wirelessly (tech is confusing).

They look and sound the same, so no one will know you got a bargain when you're walking round with what looks like electric toothbrush heads hanging from your lobes (seriously, will we ever get used to seeing that? We think not).

The sudden cancellation of the promised AirPower mat means wireless charging on the AirPods 2 is less enticing than it might have been, although Apple is rumoured to be adding reverse wireless charging to iPhones later this year.

If you're not sure whether to go for the BT deal or not, you'll find our review of the second-gen AirPods here, in which Adam Clark Estes says "Most of the good things I have to say about them are also true for the first generation AirPods" and "none of the new features really justify upgrading if you have a perfectly good set of first generation AirPods."

You heard the man. Get your cheap(ish) gen 1 AirPods here. [Techradar]