Apple is Making a Small iPhone

By Holly Brockwell on at

One of the big debates in tech at the moment is how to give people the small phone they want in their pockets, but the big phone they want for watching stuff. Most manufacturers have decided the answer is foldable phones, that are small when you want them to be and huge when you don't.

Apple has decided to go the other way (shocker) and make a really small iPhone. It doesn't bend (intentionally, anyway), it has no special tricks, it's just small. Like the iPhone SE they made for this exact reason before foldable phones were a thing, and then discontinued.

According to a report in DigiTimes, Apple will be releasing a 5.4-inch phone in 2020. For comparison, the miniscule screen on the front of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is 4.6-inches. But that folds out into a 7.1-inch, whereas Apple's is just 5.4 inches forever.

The current smallest iPhone is the Xs at 5.8 inches, while the iPhone SE and 5C were a truly mini 4 inches.

We completely get the desire for pocket-sized phones, but the solution isn't to go back in time and make little ones. It's to do what all the other manufacturers are doing: make shape-shifting phones that can be different things at different times.

Honestly, this is classic Apple, dragging their feet as hard as they possibly can on innovation while letting all the other phone makers take the risk. Then, they'll charge in on their shiny white horse in 2021 claiming they've invented the foldable phone, and everyone will declare it a revolution.

Sigh. [TNW]

Featured image: Marco Verch via Flickr CC