Apple Just Gave the HomePod a £40 Price Drop, and it Looks Permanent

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple products are rarely, if ever, cheap. What's even rarer is Apple feeling like it has to discount a product before a replacement is out in the world. Obviously the HomePod is an exception to that, probably because it hasn't been selling as well as Apple might like. So it's just gone and knocked £40 off the original £319 pricetag, and it looks permanent this time.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, if you head over to the Apple website you'll see that the HomePod is now £279 - a decrease of 12.54 per cent. Of course this isn't the first time Apple has discounted the HomePod, and it's certainly not the greatest discount we've ever seen. But £40 off is better than the £20 off some retailers were offering on Black Friday. Also the fact Apple hasn't made any mention of a discount on the store page suggests this isn't going to be a temporary thing.

Sadly the HomePod is still far from an impulse purchase, and it's a lot more expensive than some of the smart speakers offered by the likes of Amazon and Google. Speakers that have much more functionality and available services, even if the sound isn't as good. Still if you've been on the fence about the HomePod then this might be the push you need.

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