Asda Confuses Welsh Shoppers With Free Alcohol Claim

By Gary Cutlack on at

A branch of Asda in Wales tried to do the right thing in putting up Welsh-language signs to point the way to stuff on the aisles, but whoever did it made a big old mess of things and accidentally promised shoppers free beer. Blame the manager and Google Translate.

It's your classic language-learning mixaround, as instead of pointing to the alcohol-free section, the Welsh terms for "free" and "alcohol" were used the wrong way round; telling locals they may help themselves to complementary beers, wines and spirits. In plain sight for once, not even having to hide them under the potatoes or forget to scan them to avoid paying.

The correct Welsh term, as us lot here and several people at Asda have learned 90 seconds ago, would be "di-alcohol." [Twitter via Nation.Cymru]