Asda's Selling £2 Doughnut Burgers

By Holly Brockwell on at

You know what our burgers have been missing up to now? A whacking great hole in the middle.

That's what Asda reckons, anyway, having just launched 'doughnut burgers' (they're spelling them 'donut' but we disapprove) at £1.97 for two.

While the circular burgers with central hole would be ideal for bagel burgers or a burger with two doughnuts instead of a bread bun, they're not actually something that needed to exist. It's not very hard to dig out the middle of your burger if you so wish.

The Metro reports that the hole is there to fill with a foodstuff of your choice, like a fried egg, or Asda's suggestion – pulled pork. Again, though, you could just put those things inside the burger bun and achieve the same effect. It makes no sense to us.

Mind you, it worked for Polos.

The hole-y burgers (sadly too late for Easter) are now available at all Asda stores and online, where they've already received one positive review:

"Burger & Beer the perfect match Fits perfectly over neck of beer bottle so no plate needed. Can you bringing out a doughnut bun to put it in."

Over the neck of your beer bottle, you say? OK, consider our beef cancelled. We're in.