Bank Trials Biometric Fingerprint Debit Cards

By Gary Cutlack on at

A select band of NatWest and RBS customers deemed to have the cleanest and most easily identifiable fingers are taking part in a small trial of biometric technology, with a batch of debit cards that allow fingerprint authentication of large transactions now out there and in use.

Once each card has had fingerprint data loaded on it it cannot be changed, with 200 special customers given access to the special cards and the authority to dazzle unsuspecting retail staff with their powers. The biometric data remains on the card and is not verified with the bank in any way, so there's no need to supply head office with sensitive personal data in the form of hi-res images of your fingertips. The card verifies it's you and does all the work, if it's been set up right.

The cards work in the usual contactless and Chip and Pin manners too, with the finger only needed when the £30 contactless payment limit is breached. The trial runs for three months, after which there'll be some thinking done about if the rest of us commonfolk should be allowed to use such thrilling, but probably-complicated-to-set-up, cards. [Finextra via Metro]