Big Ben Got Stuck on the Finish Line at the London Marathon

By Holly Brockwell on at

It seems Big Ben has used his break from bonging while renovation work goes on to train for the London Marathon.

Runner Lukas Bates dressed as the Elizabeth Tower (because Big Ben is the bell blah blah) to run the big race, but got himself stuck on the finish line because his costume was too tall.

Poor old Ben had to be helped over the line by a Marathon staffer, but it added about 30 seconds to his time.

Bates had been going for the world record for the fastest marathon time achieved by someone dressed as a landmark building (Guinness is just getting bored now, isn't it?), which is currently held by Richard Mietz of Germany. Mietz achieved a time of 3 hours, 34 minutes and 34 seconds dressed as the Holstentor city gate in Lübeck.

Sadly, our Big Ben wasn't able to beat his time, but not because he got stuck on the finish line -- his time came in about 20 minutes too long at three hours, 54 minutes. Bates' personal best is an impressive two hours, 59 minutes, but that wasn't while wearing a 1.5 metre-tall replica of the clock tower.

At least he didn't include the scaffolding it's currently covered in.

"Having run the London Marathon four times previously, this year I decided I wanted to do something different, have a bit of fun and wear a crazy costume," Bates tells the Evening Standard.

He was running for Alzheimer's Research UK in memory of his nanny, and you can donate to his inspiring effort here.