Booze Runs to France are Still a Thing With the Glass-o'-Wine Set

By Gary Cutlack on at

People in the parts of the UK that are near enough to France to get the car over and back in a day are still doing exactly that, as booze runs that take advantage of cheap French wine warehouses are very much still happening – even as those very same people in those very same Vauxhall Merivas try to stop anything foreign entering the country via their lovely old Brexit.

French news site The Local visited some of these channel-bordering supermarkets, reporting back that sales of car boot-loads of wine to people with UK plates are as strong as ever, as Brits take what could be one last opportunity to load up on booze before the Brexit directive makes such trips harder to pull off and all you get drunk on is English wine in Wetherspoons.

Shopper Tom Young and his wife had gone over specifically to pick up 300 bottles of wine for a wedding, making the trip earlier than needed just in case the boring beige curtain of Brexit came down across Europe on Friday, as it was supposed to. It didn't – the torture of tedium continues – but Young thought he'd better load the car up with cheap wine early, just in case. Those European people do have their uses sometimes. [The Local]

Image credit: Unsplash