Cinema Shows Horror Trailers Before Peppa Pig

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hooray! It's the time of year when a cinema plays entirely the wrong trailers before a child's film! This year, the randomly-chosen cinema was the Empire Cinema in Ipswich, which accidentally played out trailers for psychological horror Ma and apparently grown up superhero film Brightburn before scheduled feature... Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Cue stories of children crying and hopeful parents wanting refunds, year-long concession tickets and a massive bag of Minstrels to make it all up, with one parent quoted by Sky News as saying: "There were lots of kids crying and [her daughter] was very confused and started crying too."

Someone at the cinema did panic a bit and managed to interrupt the trailers before they ended, with a spokesperson saying: "As soon as the staff on site were made aware of the situation, the programme was stopped and trailers were taken off-screen immediately. We do sincerely apologise for this and for any distress caused and will be reviewing our internal procedures to ascertain how this came to being."

The screening of Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun went ahead as planned. [Sky News]