Clarkson Wishes the BBC Top Gear Team Every Massive Failure

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Clarkson has not been watching the BBC's refreshed version of Top Gear, and does not wish the presenters every success in their difficult roles.

This bombshell was dropped on the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV over the weekend, when Jonathan invited Jeremy in for a cosy chat about life, including ruminations on weight loss (!), cycling (!!) and the past and the future of talking about cars on television. Rossy asked Clarko if he wished the Top Gear presenters well in their handling of the poisoned chalice that is replacing the beloved trio that have since legged it to Amazon, and, well, no. No he does not.

Here's Jeremy doing his best sad face while thinking about Freddie Flintoff poorly ad-libbing in a Maserati:

His two TV mates are nicer about Top Gear, though, he says. The full Clarkson interview is on the ITV Hub, if you can be bothered with all that. Mumford and Sons are on it, so be careful. [YouTube]