Coca-Cola is Getting into Cold Coffee

By Gary Cutlack on at

Coca-Cola is doing something even madder than when it tried to rebrand tap water: putting coffee into cold Coke. Less sugar and more caffeine is what its scientists have decided we all need.

It's presumably the first in a long lines of ways Coke's planning on leveraging its new ownership of Costa, with Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey explaining that the official business line behind the product is that we have a "mid-afternoon energy slump" problem that needs taking care of in a manner that only cold Coke Coffee can meet. It is, after all, summer for a few months of the year, when guzzling a (the Italian word for massive) latte doesn't do much to quench the thirst.

This is a separate beverage development to Coca-Cola Energy, an alternative, non-coffee-flavoured energy drink that's about to launch under the Coke brand in Europe. Coke Coffee is coming later in 2019. [NY Post]