Condoms Recalled Due to Bursting Threat

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you happen to have a batch of unused condoms lying about slowly reaching the end of their shelf life, your luck might finally be in – Durex is recalling several batches of them. So you can get your money back, or a new batch of condoms to sit around gradually reaching the end of their shelf life.

Durex says that two brands of its condoms have failed what it describes as the "burst test" process upon nearing their advertised expiry dates, a fact we hope was discovered by a machine in a factory, and not the company's MD insisting to a young intern that it's an unfortunate but necessary part of the job.

The Durex Real Feel and Durex Latex Free options are the ones under threat of breaching, with manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser saying: "We recently found that a limited number of the above condoms made earlier this year are not passing our stringent shelf-life durability tests. Our tests have shown that some batches which are currently on the market in UK & Ireland do not pass the requirements for burst pressure towards the end of the shelf life for the product." [Durex via Metro]