Despite Other Delays, Crossrail Should Still Hit Reading by December

By Tom Pritchard on at

Most of the recent news regarding London's Elizabeth Line hasn't been good, thanks to issues with delays, budgets, and all that. The good news is that the expansion over into Reading looks like it'll still arrive as scheduled.

We know this because a letter has been sent out to local politicians informing them that Crossrail's jaunt into Reading will still be opening before the end of the year.

In other words, by this December people living in Reading (and other areas along the route into London) will be able to hop onto a TfL-run service instead of those run by GWR. It's also been promised that travellers will be able to use an Oyster Card to pay for the service, which should hopefully be cheaper than existing trains.

The only major inconvenience is that the services will have to stop at Paddington, because delays to the central London service would prevent it from going all the way to Liverpool Street.

According to the Crossrail website TfL Rail services between Reading and Paddington are supposed to run alongside GWR's existing services. In other words this probably means every single London-bound train from the South West will still be going via Reading and departing several times an hour. Elizabeth Line trains, if that information is still accurate, will only be departing twice an hour at off peak times, and four times an hour at peak times.

There's no word on how quick the journey will be, but considering there are stops to hit between Reading and Paddington means it definitely won't be as fast as the direct services. [IanVisits]