DIY Garden Spitfire Refurb Wins Museum Place

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man's self-build Spitfire, based on a storm-damaged replica chassis bought from a museum years ago, is about to make the leap from weird local attraction to full museum exhibit.

It's the work of Norfolk man Paul Linsell, who paid £6,000 for the remnants of a replica Spitfire seven years ago. Locals have spent the last few years watching him bolt spares on it and gradually bring it back to the right shape and colours in his garden, and he's done such a grand job of it that his work caught the interest of the Fenland and West Norfolk Aviation Museum, where it's now heading to be finished off, have a cockpit inserted, and displayed for the joy of visiting air enthusiasts over a four-year loan period.

Aviation museum chairman Jim Paradine though it was going to be a joke at first, and explained: "I didn't expect much. But sitting on the lawn was a mark nine Spitfire. It was absolutely incredible, I couldn't believe it."

Linsell said his Spitfire is a rebuild of a replica that was on display at Duxford Imperial War Museum many years ago, before it was damaged and sold off. [BBC]