eBay's Latest Voucher Deals Means You Can Get Nearly £65 off a Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros.

By Tom Pritchard on at

Buying a Nintendo Switch can cost as much as £280, because the console has been so popular there hasn't been much reason to offer any incentivising price cuts. Similarly the new version of Super Smash Bros. will set you back £45 by itself. But with AO's latest discount you can get both together for £260.10.

That's a £64.90 saving on buying them both together, and nearly £30 off the £290 bundle price AO is offering over on its eBay store page. But from now until 22nd April (or while stocks last) you can use the discount code provided you use the discount code PRO10 over on the retailer's eBay page.

Of course the code is an eBay thing, and not strictly reserved for buying games consoles from AO. You can use it with a bunch of other retailers on a wide range of products, provided you spend over £20 and don't expect to get more than £50 off your purchase. You're also not allowed to use the code more than once, so you need to make sure you redeem it for the right purchase.

But if we didn't all have Switches already we'd be very tempted to take advantage of that particular bonus. On its own you;re basically getting a free game, so the extra money off just sweetens the deal. [TechRadar]