Electric-Only Forecourts Selling Premium Solar Power Planned

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sustainable energy supplier Gridserve thinks that what electric car owners really need is a garage all to themselves where no one's hands smell a bit of diesel, hence the imminent coming of the Electric Forecourt® – a garage with no petrol. And comfy chairs exclusively for EV owners.

Gridserve says it's about to start building the first of as many as 100 battery-backed ultra-fast EV charging stations this year, and will help dispel range anxiety by offering app-bookable charging slots to make sure there's a working cable of the right sort to dangle your car off when you arrive.

The plan is to sell solar power and the forecourt designs show panels on their rooftops, but unless the sun goes supernova in the near future these panels won't be generating anything like enough power to trickle charge more than one Nissan Leaf. Gridserve instead plans to sell decarbonised power sourced from miscellaneous renewable suppliers, using a mixture of its own solar capacity and on-site battery storage to help each charger output at its maximum, even when 24 EVs are chugging away.

The EV-owning near-future you is set to benefit from a "customer-focussed charging experience" at the pure electric garages which, we think, means there's going to be a coffee shop and maybe a toilet, as you've got to have something to do while hanging about for your car to get up to 80 per cent. The ultimate ambition is to offer an "airport-style lounge" for waiting to charge in style, or about as much style as you can realistically muster on a service station forecourt. [Gridserve]