Elon Musk Might Be Buying New Scientist

By Holly Brockwell on at

We may have just found the solution to the journalism crisis, people: Elon Musk!

The tech industry's favourite space billionaire has been having an interesting conversation with New Scientist CEO Nina Wright on Twitter, whereby he suggests he's considering a suggestion from a follower to purchase the publication and abolish its paywall.

Musk started off by criticising the paywall in a reply to an article about AI from New Scientist, which presumably he had trouble reading:

As with most tech support queries on Twitter, Musk failed to give any details of the problem or explain what he meant by "fix."

One of his followers, @transopac, then responded suggesting he buy New Scientist and fix it himself, and Musk seemed to be considering it:

Having received a non-response to his enquiry about how much it'd cost (shocking that the CEO wouldn't want to give the price of her company on a public social media forum!), Musk asked again:

At the time of writing, Wright hasn't responded (publicly, at least) but we'd like to think there's an email or DM conversation going on behind closed doors to hash out a deal.

Of course, Musk tweets stuff that stirs up rumours all the time, so it could just be banter and not a real deal. Then again, if anyone has the money and the hubris to ride in on his white horse red Tesla and save journalism, it's Musk.

We'd rather see him fund a science publication than release another rap single, anyway.

Main image: JD Lasica via Flickr CC