Evian's Made a Strange Bubble Thing to Keep You Hydrated at Home

By Holly Brockwell on at

Bottled water has been one of the early casualties of the war on plastic, because obviously it's pretty damn wasteful to get a whole new bottle every time you need a hydration cylinder.

Well, Evian (we refuse to use the lower-case E, and while we're at it, yes we know it spells 'naive' backwards) reckons they've solved it with a strange reusable bubble thing that goes in your house.

With the wanktastic name of "evian® (re)new" (we pasted that directly from the press release so you can see what we're dealing with here), the gadget is "a stunning in-home water appliance which provides consumers with the unique purity of evian® natural mineral water at home from the source with a significant reduction in plastic packaging."


Basically, it's a home water dispenser with a collapsible "bubble" (or "bladder" in less PR-friendly terms) of stretchy plastic that holds the water itself. The bubble deflates as you use the water, "taking on a new shape after each use".

However, the upside of this bizarre product is that it apparently uses 66 per cent less plastic than a 1.5L Evian bottle, which is definitely a good thing. It's also made from recycled plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable itself.

Evian says it's the latest step in "its journey to become a circular brand by 2025," which after some research we have translated into human language as "Evian would like to stop using new plastic in its products by 2025."

Of course, the machine has an app. Said app tracks how much water you're drinking and tells you when to refill your bubble, at which point you mash a button at the bottom of the device and it orders you some more. Obviously you could just use the tap but that's not circular enough, or something.

(Re)new will apparently launch as a pilot product in Paris and London next month, with 200 "selected consumers" (read: influencers) who'll give feedback and help refine it. We wouldn't be surprised if we never hear of it again.

Evian's Global Brand VP Patricia Oliva comments:

"At Evian we owe everything to nature and are committed to a healthy planet. This will only be achieved by new ways of thinking and of doing business. And this is why we’re challenging ourselves to reinvent new ways to provide Evian natural mineral water to consumers.

This unique bubble design represents a breakthrough in design thinking which brings the purity of Evian natural mineral water from the source to the home in a more circular way."

Stop. Saying. Circular.

Oliva continues:

"We are inviting consumers to join a community of early adopters who will be an extension of our innovation team, helping us to co-create this solution. Together we will fine-tune Evian (Re)new with a view to bringing a scalable and circular solution to market."

Sweet jesus. Find out more here with your circular eyes.