Firebox's Sweary Summer Fan is the Most British Thing Ever

By Holly Brockwell on at

Every year, we get a random heatwave and every year, all the fans sell out as if this had never happened before.

It might be grey and grim outside at the moment, but Firebox is totally ready for the inevitable mini-summer with its new sweary-AF fan.

It's a USB-powered desk fan that just spins around saying the words "it's f*cking boiling," thus saving you and your colleagues the immense effort of opening your sweaty mouths to say the same every five minutes.

Firebox reckons it's actually a good fan despite being small – "it packs a lot of power in those tiny light-up blades" – but honestly, that's not why we're buying one. We just want swearwords circling around our desks all summer, because we're mature like that.

It's available now for £8.99, exclusive to Firebox (because they created it), and will inevitably sell out when it gets warm and everyone acts like they've never seen the sun before, so get in now if you want one.