Five-Floor Primark Takes Over Entire Birmingham Shopping Centre

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Pavilions shopping centre in Birmingham is being brought back online three years after it closed, with discount retailer Primark taking on the entire site and turning it into the biggest Primark in the world.

Just over 900 staff have started working there today, on grand opening day, with free Wi-Fi and phone charging points available, because, spread over five floors, people who like this sort of thing may end up pulling all-dayers in there. Something seems to have gone wrong with the interior decor, mind, as there's a massive banner above the escalators that says "find your amazing" on it. Surely it should say "find your amazing jumper" or "find your amazing saucepans." One day old and a word's fallen off already.

Other things we don't understand about it is the fact that there's a Disney-themed cafe in it for some reason, plus it has modern things like nail bars, an in-store barbers and makeup experts on hand, for the people who are only going there so they have something to take a photo of after to share on the internet. [Primark]